Home Salt
A compact universal device for those who seek to protect themselves and their relatives from seasonal diseases, as well as to improve the overall immunity of the body. No costly expenses are needed.
What about salt?
In the old days, people had found unusual caves covered with a thick layer of white sticker composed of salt and a few embellishments. The air in these caves was different and thicker and more saturated. People noticed a person feeling better after such a cave.

Since then, it has been established that salt particles affect the whole body and have a number of useful properties:

  • antimicrobial effects
  • reduction of inflammatory processes
  • increased immunity
  • driving effect
  • positive effects on the nervous system
  • insomnia struggle
  • and a lot of things.
    Homesalt home halogenerator
    Compact device for securing immunity that can be carried with
    Home halogenerator

    Comfortable and compact houses for use as well as small spaces.

    Positive effects on the nervous system, reducing stress levels and fatigue, providing tonic action. Improves overall protection of the immune system.

    Can be used in open space and travel. Is placed in the ladies' bag.

    Great satellite with yoga, fitness and other physical loads.

    Salt lake. Halogenerator
    • MDD, medical treatment
    • EMC Certificate
    • Safety certificate
    * All certificates issued in EU SIC

    Salt lake. Halogenerator
    Special features
    • Managed from remote control
    • Crushing mechanism as professional medical equipment
    • Inserted into bag
    How to use?
    The home haloator is very simple in operation - a small amount of salt is sufficient in the special reservoir and the START button is pressed in the control panel.

    When working, the halogen generator does not affect the surrounding objects, since the crushing process is also carried out as professional apparatus. You can be quiet about furniture and other objects.
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